Post-Assault Traumatic Brain Injury Interview & Checklist

Useful for: The Post-Assault Traumatic Brain Injury Interview & Checklist (P-TBI-IC) is designed to record observations of health care workers providing assessment and treatment for assault victims. Clients give self-report responses. Comments from other people in the clients' social and caregiving network are also very helpful. Symptoms after assault can be physical, psychological, and cultural in nature. Each symptom should be considered in the context of all other information about the victim of assault.

The P-TBI-IC is designed to assist in treatment planning and for consideration of referral for neuropsychological and neurological evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation. It is not intended to be used for specific diagnosis.

The first two pages of the P-TBI-IC are interviews for the consolidation of demographic information and medical history. The checklist is divided into two (2) sections:

  1. Hallmarks of Brain Injury
  2. Description of Victim's Behavior in Assessment and Treatment
Hallmarks of Brain Injury include symptoms experienced by many people diagnosed with delirium, dementia, and/or amnestic disorders. The Description of Victim's Behavior in Assessment and Treatment are organized into symptom domains (described below) to assist health care providers in developing or refining treatment plans. The Hallmarks and Descriptions are primarily intended for recording of observations, but can be used as guides for interviewing clients, members of their social networks, and/or referring professionals.

Symptom Domains

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10 P-TBI-IC Booklets

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