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Dr. Prade's Professional Achievements and Aspirations

Remembering Dr. Prade:

Memories of My Sister

An Open Letter from Dr. Prade's Sister

Letter from a Very Dear Friend

Memories of Dr. Prade from Her Office Manager

For My Sister Doctor: Memories of a Patient

Dr. Prade as a Softball Player

1998 Birthday Remembrance

1998 Anniversary Remembrance

1999 Mother's Day Remembrance

1999 Memorial Day Remembrance

1999 Birthday Remembrance

2001 Birthday Remembrance

2000 Mother's Day Remembrance

2000 Memorial Day Remembrance

2000 Anniversary Remembrance

2001 Mother's Day Remembrance

2001 Memorial Day Remembrance

Arlington Church of God

Dr. Prade's favorite hymns:

  • Precious Lord
  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  • Yes, Jesus Loves Me



    Family Resources: Victims Rights Information

    Raising Bereaved Grandchildren

    Intimate/Domestic Violence Information

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