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Dr. Margo S. Prade
September 17, 1956 - November 26, 1997

 Remember Me from the Work I've Done

 Our Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Doctor and Friend

This website is being developed to keep alive the memory of

Margo S. Prade, M.D.

a gifted young physician who was the mother of two young, talented girls, daughter of a devoted mother, sister to five women and one man, aunt to many nieces and nephews, doctor to more than 7,000 patients, and friend to an entire community. Above is the epitaph developed by her loving family, following the senseless, brutal murder which took her from us.

Our goal is to have others appreciate who Dr. Prade was, be inspired by her tireless energy and work for the improvement of health of others, be encouraged to pursue and achieve life dreams in the same way that she did, and mentor others as she did.

We are creating an"electronic monument" for Dr. Margo S. Prade. This is a website that will continue to grow and change across the years. Our goal is to identify some of Dr. Prade's achievements, ambitions, and encouragements, and to continue her life missions.

Dr. Prade's Professional Achievements and Aspirations

Remembering Dr. Prade:
Memories of My Sister
An Open Letter from Dr. Prade's Sister

Letter from a Very Dear Friend
Memories of Dr. Prade from Her Office Manager
For My Sister Doctor: Memories of a Patient
Dr. Prade as a Softball Player

1998 Birthday Remembrance
1998 Anniversary Remembrance

1999 Mother's Day Remembrance
1999 Memorial Day Remembrance
1999 Birthday Remembrance

2000 Mother's Day Remembrance
2000 Memorial Day Remembrance
2000 Anniversary Remembrance

2001 Mother's Day Remembrance
2001 Memorial Day Remembrance
2001 Birthday Remembrance

Arlington Church of God

Dr. Prade's favorite hymns:

  • Precious Lord
  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  • Yes, Jesus Loves Me



    We are also including material on the realities of the domestic violence which culminated in her death and want to educate people so that lives can be saved. Some resources include:

    American Bar Association Safety Warning: How an Abuser Can Discover Your Internet Activities

    Domestic Violence, Family Violence, and Child Abuse

    Metro Nashville Police Safe Horizon National Emergency Hotlines Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse Victims Assistance For a more comprehensive list of domestic violence resources, see the Intimate/Domestic Violence Resources page.

    We need to remember that the aftermath of the murder of a young mother includes the need for her grieving mother to raise bereaved grandchildren. This formidable task is shared by approximately 100,000 grandparents across the United States. Some resources for grandparents raising their grandchildren include:

    Problems Associated with Children's Witnessing of Domestic Violence

    Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (by Age Group)

    Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

    Directory of Grandparent Support Group Information
    Off Our Rockers: A Newsletter for Grandparents Who Are Raising Their Grandchildren
    Elaine Shelton; "Christian format" newsletter

    Grand Parents Again

    Victims Rights

    There is a tendency to forget the human side of tragedy. When there is a tragedy involving an important member of the community, it is often accompanied by sensationalism which can result in a lot of pain for the grieving family, their friends, and the community. And when the tragedy involves the loss of a doctor, especially a family doctor, all of her patients are harmed. Media rehashing and the rumor mill can be devastating to bereaved families. For information on the rights of victims -- including the right to privacy -- please contact the following organizations:

    Victims Rights (National Organization for Victim Assistance)

    Victims' Rights (Minnesota Women's Rural Advocacy Program)

    National Organization for Victim Assistance (24-hour hotline 1-800-TRY-NOVA)

    National Victims Center - phone (703) 276-2880; e-mail: NVC@mail.NVC.org

    National Center for Victims of Crime (800) FYI-CALL

    National Association of Victims Rights - phone (503) 252-9012; e-mail: POOT@AOL.COM>

    Effingham County, Georgia Victim/Witness Assistance Program

    Prepared for the family and friends of Dr. Prade by former patients:
    Martha E. Banks, Ph.D.
    Rosalie J. Ackerman, Ph.D.
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